3 ways to improve employee engagement
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3 ways to improve employee engagement

10th June 2019
By Tom Ladle

Employees who find their work interesting, are pleased to be part of their company and feel valued are more likely to help promote a positive workplace culture, keep in line with the goals and values of your business, and generally show willingness to work hard. Here are three cost-effective ways to improve employee engagement.

  1. Open communication

You’re more likely to unlock your employees’ potential and get a full picture of how they can boost your business if you give them a chance to put their ideas out there and have their suggestions and questions listened to and answered. It’s important your workers feel like they can say what they think without being criticised or judged harshly.

There are plenty of easy ways to create communication channels with your employees, such as conducting surveys, having regular team meetings and hosting one-to-ones.

Giving your employees a voice will also help you find out where they’re coming from then you can make sure any miscommunications are resolved or gaps in knowledge are filled, in turn improving employee engagement.

  1. Create flexibility

Employees with a good work-life balance may feel much more positive about the company they work for. That’s why giving your staff some flexibility on things like their working hours and their location keeps them engaged. It makes it easier for them to fit their job in with the rest of their responsibilities, which makes them feel more positive about their work and life in general.

Keeping up with employees when they’re working from home is easy. Conference calls, for example, let them in on any important meetings you need their input on. If you need them to see something you’re working on together then screen sharing is perfect.

The technology is there, so it’s easy to give your employees that much-needed flexibility while making sure your company is still getting everything it needs from them.

  1. Provide training

Teach your employees to care about your company by showing them that you care about their careers. Offering your staff plenty of opportunities to learn and grow their skill set will show them you’re interested in developing them as a person. That’s as well as the benefits your business will reap from having a wider pool of skills you can draw from whenever you need.

Booking them in on training courses and sending them to conferences and industry events is often an effective way of helping your employees enhance their skills. Yet, getting them involved in webinars can be a more cost-effective method of providing training for your staff, and it makes things easier for them as they don’t need to shuffle their lives around travelling to or from an event. You could let them join webinars from industry experts or invite talent from within your company to host webinars using PowWowNow’s software.

At the core of all these points is trust, compassion, and mutual respect for your employees. Whether you’re letting them work from home when they need it, getting them involved in training that’ll boost their career, or giving them a platform to get their ideas heard, these are all cheap ways to give your employees a positive outlook on your company.

Look to PowWowNow for the technologies you need to make it as easy as possible to implement these methods to improve employee engagement and create workers that are proud to be part of your company.