What are webinars good for? Dispelling the misconceptions
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What are webinars good for? Dispelling the misconceptions

4th August 2020
By Tom Ladle

Out of all the meeting solutions, webinars are often the most misunderstood (poor sods). The main differentiation, is that with this platform, you can interact with much larger audiences. It’s the solution you choose when you want to make a big company announcement or gain new audiences, amongst other things. Nevertheless, being misunderstood means there are some common questions that we’d like to address and dispel.

  1. Can attendees interrupt a webinar?

Simple answer, no they cannot. We’ll expand a little. One of the main reasons to pick a webinar over a video call is you have more control. Sure, with a video meeting you can control who you invite but it can be difficult and restrictive to try and control the conversation. Whereas, with an online event the conversation is one way. You present to your audience exactly what you want to convey, without worrying about interruptions. Your attendees can still interact with your event, e.g. through polls, Q&As and surveys but they’ll never people to hop on the line with you and proceed to talk over you.

  1. Are webinars expensive?

They can be, but not always. It’s all relative. If you need to present to a massive amount of people, then you’re going to end up paying more. The potential results you can see from using webinars, however, make them an inexpensive option. Think how much dosh you can spend setting up a real-life expo. You’ve got to think about venue hire, catering costs, travel and a whole heap of other costs that we don’t need to bore you with.

With an online event, like ours, you have an option to choose a one-off event with a one-off cost or a monthly recurring charge to run however many events you want. We can promise that most of the time both options will work out cheaper than hiring out a venue. Plus, with everything happening now, organising a mass gathering of international individuals will be tricky to say the least.

  1. Are webinars boring?

We’ve touched on this before but it’s all too common not to include on this list. That’s right, people have a pre-conceived notion that webinars are boring and in some cases this is justified. What’s important to remember is that this isn’t down to the platform being used, but rather the way it’s being used.

They’ve become synonymous with boring presentations (speaking plainly). This doesn’t have to be the case and if you approach your online event as a way of providing value for your users with the content you showcase, it will no longer be a snooze fest. Allow and encourage your audience to interact with your event, present on topics they want to hear about, use a mixture of content, there are plenty of ways to liven up your event and keep them coming back for more.

  1. Is webinar software complicated?

Like using any piece of tech for the first time, there’s a learning curve, some curves steeper than others. Luckily for you ours is simple to use. You’re thinking of course we’d say that, but it really is true. When setting up an event we have useful guides to help you every step of the way, so you feel like you can get an event going in minutes. We’d recommend spending a bit more time than that but the point stands. After a short amount of investigation and practice they are no more complicated than any other piece of software.

  1. Are webinars reliable?

We understand that the idea of your event bombing in front of hundreds of people due to technical difficulties can send shivers up your spine. There are ways to lessen these fears by simply choosing a high-quality and reliable webinar product. Yep, you guessed it, like ours. Another way to make sure the product you’re using is reliable is to test it out before the main event. By testing it out you’ll not only feel more confident when it comes to presenting but you’ll put your mind at ease by seeing that the tech is working fine.

Voila, 5 of the most common misconceptions dispelled. You can always book a demo to see what all the fuss is about!


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