Generating leads with webinars
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Generating leads with webinars

4th December 2019
By Tom Ladle

In this post we’ll be looking at lead generation using webinars. One of the biggest challenges faced by SMEs is simply finding customers. You might not have the brand recognition needed to get customers flocking to you, so must be more proactive when generating leads. Online events act as an inexpensive tool to help showcase your brand and ultimately gain insightful customer data that can be converted into valuable leads. Here’s how.

1. How to use webinars to build brand awareness

No one is going to buy from your company if they’re unaware you exist (mind blowing, we know). If you’re a company that churns out quality content, has valuable insights and needs a platform to reach a wider audience, then webinars are an option. Consistently holding online events that provide value to your audience, even if numbers do start out small helps build trust in your brand. Your audience are aware they’re getting all this wicked content for free, without having promotions shoved in their face 24/7.

‘Once a consumer bonds to your brand, they’re more likely to make repeat purchases with little to no forethought –– which then bridges the gap between trust and loyalty’[1].

2. How to keep content relevant

If you want to attract good quality leads to your webinar, it’s important that the topic and content is engaging and interesting. Try to choose a topic that isn’t just relevant to your business objectives, but will also add real value for your audience. Consider interesting topics in the news or key themes that you are seeing in your industry.

Building on these themes in the context of the topic you have chosen will mean that your event becomes less salesy and more about positioning your business as a thought leader in the market.

 3. How to customise customer registration

Custom registration you say, that’s right! Webinars allow you to customise the data you receive from your audience members, generating leads of only the highest calibre. Depending on whether you want the broadest audience possible or the most targeted, this is where a customisable registration process plays into your favour. Depending on the data you receive you can work out strategies on how to best chase and qualify your most valuable leads.

Be wary of how much information you are asking for and the quality of your content. If you’re asking them to provide their whole life story (not literally) then you want to ensure your content justifies this. If your audience have a genuine interest in what your event has to offer, then they’re likely to provide any information you ask for (within reason).

4. How to increase audience participation in webinars

Something jolly good about lead generating webinars is they’re packed full of features that enable you to interact with your audience. With surveys, Q&As and polls you can get instant feedback and learn how to improve your online event, in turn generating leads.

Encouraging active participation from your audience lets them know they’ve got a voice and don’t just represent another money-making opportunity. If you curate your topics so that each event addresses a problem your target audience faces, then you’re onto a winner! Your audience will be more willing to engage with your event and value your company’s opinion.

5. How to make your event available for everyone

When setting a date and time for your event, it’s important to consider the availability of your audience. Consider when they are most likely to be able to attend and then set the webinar for a time and date that best matches this. More people will be able to attend, meaning that you will have more opportunity to attract good quality leads.

Of course, there will be several people that won’t be able to make it at the time and date you select. In this case, recording the webinar and making it available on your website or via your social media channels will mean that anyone who is interested has an opportunity to attend, meaning that no lead will slip through the net.

6. How to follow up after a webinar

Imagine the scenario, your company has just held a showstopper of a webinar. The content was fantastic, and a large audience tuned in. You pat yourself and others on the back for a job well done. But then you forget all about it and don’t follow up. All that hard work for nothing. Webinar platforms will allow you to send follow up emails to people who attended. This is another chance to get feedback and reaffirm any leads. This is a vital step in the process of generating leads and shouldn’t be ignored!

Ensure that you include a call to action with your email, this will help you weed out your audience based on who is worth targeting. If they unsubscribe, you start to develop a better understanding of who’s worth catering to in the future.

Leads for days

If properly utilised an generating leads from webinars can ensure you maintain and grow your customer base. If you provide value to your audience, they are inclined to return the favour. We hope we’ve provided some value and helped you better understand one of the many benefits that comes with large scale online events.



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