Home office design ideas for ultimate productivity
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Home office design ideas for ultimate productivity

29th January 2021
By Tom Ladle

That’s right ULTIMATE productivity, we’re not playing around here. If you find yourself working at your dining room table in a chair that severely lacks lumber support, a single laptop screen and paper splayed everywhere then it’s time for an upgrade to your home office. You might not be able to create a home office setup that would be featured on the grand designs of home offices (if that were a thing) but there are for sure some small home office design changes you can make that will make a big difference.

Get a desk, it’s essential

We’re starting with an essential item for your home office layout, a desk. If you’ve ever worked in bed resting a laptop on your lap, improvised a desk from some heavy textbooks, a washing basket or even an ironing board then you know it’s not the greatest catalyst for productivity.

A desk not only provides a solid resting place for your laptop it also acts as the hub for your home office layout, the main attraction. Your home office layout should revolve around your desk, with everything else serving as useful accessories. You’ll find desks in lots of different sizes and price points. Check out this brilliant list if you do find yourself on a budget.

Invest in indoor plants

You’re probably aware of this craze already but we do believe it’s a craze for good reason. Healthline put together a list of 7 science backed benefits of indoor plants. This includes a potential boost in productivity levels, reduced stress, improved indoor air quality and more. Plus, if nothing else they just look pretty and help create a home office layout you’re pleased to be in.

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Look, how pretty!

Natural light is your friend

Building on the theme of being at one with nature, try and find an area for your home office design that gets lots of natural light. Just like indoor plants, natural light has an array of supposed benefits. One that’s particularly relevant to the topic of this post is that it improves our productivity and focus. “Research indicates that the benefits of daylight exposure at work included everything from improved morale to an increased ability to remember numbers backwards.”[1] Remember this the next time you need to remember a sequence of numbers backwards, aye.

If you don’t have an area in your humble abode that receives a lot of natural light, then there are ways you can mimic it. One such example is full-spectrum light bulbs, bulbs that simulate daylight.

Have the suitable tech

You can have the greatest desk, the most beautiful exotic houseplants, plenty of rays on your chops but without some important tech you won’t have a home office. At the very least you will need a laptop that includes a webcam and an internet connection. We’ll look at more tech you can add to boost productivity later. Remote work has brought with it a reliance on video calls to communicate with colleagues, so you need the tech to allow this. If you want to step up your video call game, you could invest in a top-notch webcam. TechRadar have put together a handy list of their top picks.

Get a comfy chair, your back will thank you

Back pain is just NOT fun. If you haven’t opted for a standing desk, chances are you’ll be spending most your day sitting, so it’s paramount to get a chair that your buttocks and back are fond of. Just like a desk, there are endless options out there to suit all your home office set up ideas. We’d recommend picking one with a fair amount of lumbar support, promotes good posture and has adequate cushioning.

But beware, don’t choose one that’s too comfy, this could counter productivity when you accidently doze off mid email.

Use a second monitor

A second monitor is a superpower in terms of home office set up for productivity. When you get a second monitor, you’ll think that you were trapped in the stone age when all you had was your measly laptop screen. Suddenly you’ve got an excel spreadsheet on one screen and you can seamlessly transfer the data into that big presentation you’re working on, without the nuisance of constantly switching tabs.

They don’t have to break the bank either, a quick Google search will provide countless affordable options. An easy way to supercharge your home office design.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this page dedicated to home office inspiration on Instagram.



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