Making sure you pick the right webinar
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Making sure you pick the right webinar

6th November 2020
By Tom Ladle

When it comes to webinar providers you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re relatively new to the world of online events it can be fairly overwhelming, particularly with the pressure riding on your event being a success. Well before you have a complete meltdown, we’re here to offer some practical tips on how you can pick the right webinar!

So, when and why would you use a webinar product?

To answer the first part of that question, it depends. The product is a web-based seminar, hence ‘web-inar’, so similar rules apply. As is the case in a seminar, it comprises mostly of the presenter or headline speakers discussing a topic or sharing industry insight with their audience. This means you would use a the platform when you need to give insight or present to a large audience, only online instead of in-person.

With you now knowing why you’d use the product, time to decide which one to go for.

Objective is paramount

In order to pick the right online events platform, you need to clearly understand your objective and how you envision your event. Do you want to present using video, what sort of content do you want to upload, how many people do you expect to attend, are you going to have multiple presenters and so on. These are all important questions to consider before choosing your platform. Answer these questions and you can make a more informed decision.

Newbie or seasoned pro

Your experience with online events will influence your decision. If you’re a newbie and this is your first webinar, then you’ll want to choose a platform that offers dedicated support and is intuitive to use. Something our platform prides itself on is being great for beginners, you’ll get an expert guiding you through the process and our extensive support means you can set up events in minutes. Here’s proof of just how easy it is to set up an event using our platform:

Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned pro, you might want a platform that allows you to push the boundaries and extensively tweak and tailor how your event is delivered. Experience with tech is crucial to making sure you pick the right webinar.

Frequency of events

How often are you looking to host online events? This is a question you should ask yourself when choosing your product. If you’re just looking to hold a one off event, to trial the effectiveness for your company then you’ll want to look for a provider that offers one off events (like us 😉). If you’re looking to frequently host online events then you’ll want a platform that is reliable, easy to use and offers fantastic support if you run into any technical difficulties (you guessed it, like ours). Our platform is brilliant for these reasons but we understand it isn’t going to suit everyone’s needs, so do your research before committing to a purchase!

What makes a bad webinar?

What are some of the consequences from choosing the wrong platform? Let’s have a look shall we.

Not understanding the platform

If you decide to choose a product without trialling it previously, you may arrive at showtime and realise you haven’t got a clue how the platform works. You’re panicking because you’ve completely missed the scheduled start time and you don’t understand how to upload any of the content, can’t get your audio to connect and lots of other rubbish scenarios. This might mean that you have a rather peeved off audience who have registered for your event and are not getting what they signed up for, turning them off from any future events. What’s the lesson here? Before committing to a platform, make sure you trial the product and are familiar with how it works.

Dreary content

Most, if not all platforms will allow you to use a variety of features to engage with your audience. Make sure the product you choose has features such as surveys, polls and Q&As so you can use your content to interact with your audience. There’s nothing worse that presenting a slide deck and asking absolutely nothing from the people who’ve decided to attend. What’s the lesson here? Choose a platform that offers features that allow you to get creative with how you deliver your event.

Lack of insights

Last but not least, ensure the tool allows you analyse your event. Our tool as an example (shock), offers in depth reporting and analytics, helping you understand what went well and what didn’t. These sort of analytics are vital to improving your next event, without them you’re in the dark when it comes to ensuring your next event performs better.

To sum up

Before choosing your product, understand your objective, evaluate your experience, determine how often you’ll be hosting events and don’t choose a platform that means you end up with a rubbish event. If our words of wisdom have proved inspirational, you can always book a 1-to-1 demo with one of our experts here.


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