Puppy calls: are office pooches here to stay?
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Puppy calls: are office pooches here to stay?

22nd April 2021
By Tom Ladle

You may remember a little while ago, we put a call out for all remote workers suffering from some serious lockdown lethargy, to get some much-needed (virtual) puppy love… and it’s safe to say, we got a lot of replies!

We’ve captured some of the funniest and sweetest moments from our virtual office puppy calls for the world to see, with our pup-dates featuring the adorable Coco.

62% of home workers have had their meetings interrupted by dogs

It probably comes as no surprise that nearly two thirds of remote workers have had a furry friend join one of their video calls over lockdown, with 32% saying the interruption had made (or would make) them feel happier.

With more people deciding to adopt a puppy during the pandemic, as we slowly return to the office over the coming months, we’re all starting to think about how our pooches are going to cope without us.

One of the solutions (which we, at PowWowNow are firmly in favour of!), is allowing dogs to come into the office – and lots of you agree, with 45% of remote workers in favour of this.

However, whilst office dogs may help to make some office workers happier, 38% said they didn’t think dogs roaming around their office was a good thing, with 13% saying having a dog interrupting them during work would make them less productive.

Women are more likely to apply for a job that has an office dog policy

According to our survey, 52% of women said they thought having an office dog policy was a good idea, compared to just 37% of men; with 51% of females saying they’d be more likely to apply for a job if the workplace allowed dogs, compared to 37% of men.

There’s also a big divide across professions, with some definitely more pro than others. In fact, these are the top five sectors in favour of office pooches:

  1. Energy and utilities (66%)
  2. Environment and agriculture (65%)
  3. Law enforcement and security (64%)
  4. Marketing, advertising, and PR (63%)
  5. Hospitality and events management (62%)

In contrast, those working in the legal field were most against having dogs in the office, at 55%, followed by public services and administration, and sales.

Are you in favour of pups roaming around your office, or do you think they’ll stop you from getting your work done? One thing’s for sure: with people slowly returning back to the office, there’s going to be a big increase in dogs being left at home on their own. But equally, as we move towards a more flexible working model, chances are, being interrupted by an overexcited puppy or two on your video calls is likely to continue to be a regular thing!

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