The benefits of webinars for learning
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The benefits of webinars for learning

12th November 2020
By Tom Ladle

With the world now attending events that would have once been face-to-face virtually, it begs the question, what tool is most effective for learning? Over here we’d say webinars. With the platform allowing you to present to a large number of attendees, without having to worry about unnecessary interruptions, they are the perfect tool for teachers who want to deliver online lessons. Here are just some of the benefits of webinars for learning.

They promote participation without interruption

As we mentioned, online events allow a presenter or multiple presenters to deliver content to a large group of people. The audience doesn’t have the ability to dial in or show their face on webcam, meaning they can’t interrupt the speaker. This benefits students and people who want to learn in general as it’s easier to focus and engage with what’s being presented.

However this doesn’t mean the audience isn’t encouraged to participate, far from it. They allow the  audience to get involved in a productive manner through polls, Q&As and surveys. Similar to how a real life lecture operates, you have the presenter teaching the lesson, usually with a bit of time put aside to ask and answer questions.

Can still learn in a safe environment

An obvious one but with the current climate, mass gatherings of students in lecture halls and classrooms isn’t possible. An online events platform provides an efficient and safe way for students to continue learning. It doesn’t require them to travel, all they need is a mobile phone and laptop and their able to tune in.

A flexible learning resource

Leading on from our previous point, as well as negating the need for a student to travel, online events are also very flexible. If you find the idea of presenting your lesson live nerve wracking (we don’t blame you) then you can always pre-record and create a SimLive events. This allows you to perfect your event before delivering it to a bunch of students.

You’re also not tied down by location. Students will be able to access your event from wherever in the world.

A valuable resource to come back to

Our webinar product offers an on-demand feature, which means even after the event has concluded, students can access the event. This is crucial for those who were unable to attend for whatever reason, or those who just want to brush up and improve their knowledge specific to that lesson.

Super easy to use

As well as being an inexpensive solution, they are super easy to set-up and use. Our platform offers a knowledge base, with how-to guides throughout. As someone delivering a lesson, you’ll be able to set up quality events in no time, with a variety of content to keep your audience engaged throughout.

To sum up, webinars act as a brilliant learning resource for students who are unable to attend a lesson in real life. They encourage productivity, are inexpensive, easy to use, extremely flexible and can provide value for many months. To learn about how you can use them for teaching, book a 1-to-1 demo with one of our specialists!



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